An escort can provide a disabled person with the opportunity to explore their desires and gain confidence around women.


Being disabled can often make looking for intimacy that little bit more difficult. Whether that's due to limited mobility or just a lack of confidence, it's no fun being left out in the romantic wilderness. Which is where our escorts for the disabled come in. Using experience and their knowledge of spending time with clients with specific needs, they can provide fun and company to those who need it. After all, there should be no limitations on being able to have a great night with a gorgeous woman!


You can trust us


After discussing your particular requirements we will only send an escort suited to your needs. If you are disabled, hiring an escort for an out-call appointment requires a lot of trust. Some clients, due to mobility issues, need to leave the front door unlocked for their escort. When she arrives, the escort will let herself in, lock the door behind her, and make her way to her client's room. Our escorts are always totally discreet and professional, so can be relied on to carry out this kind of task if you require it.    Mobility issues can be negotiated  


Having limited mobility can make getting close difficult, so an escort will do all that she can to work around that. If you are someone who is bed bound, that's not a problem – after all, where could be better for a relaxing massage? Likewise, if you are in a wheelchair, a petite escort can be booked to make things far more comfortable. If an in-call appointment is more convenient, then we'll be more than happy to set up a fantastic date at our visiting premises, which is fully wheelchair accessible everything on one level and parking directly outside.We cater for all disabilities It doesn't matter what kind of disability a client suffers from. If you are visually impaired, your escort will focus on satisfying your other senses. If you have some speech difficulties we will be more than happy to do the initial communications with you by e mail and once we know you will set you up with our special text to book mobile number. We will inform the escort of your difficulties so that she will spend time communicating with you however you feel most comfortable.


Of course, some clients may have more advanced needs. If you require more hands-on attention, such as help changing a catheter, then be sure to mention this when you book – don’t worry, some of our girls are experienced with basic nursing tasks but we will offer advice on who to choose. We're passionate about everyone being able to have a great time with one of our girls, and will always pick one with the right experience before matching them to a client. The more we know about your particular disability, the easier it will be to pick the perfect girl for you. A safe way to explore your feelings


Sometimes, a disabled person may not have the opportunity to indulge their desires as easily as someone who is able-bodied. One of our escorts allows them to do exactly that, in an environment that's completely safe. Whether it's exploring their orientation or just trying something new, there's little that an escort can't help with. Sometimes, escorts are even booked by parents or carers, as they know that their loved one will be satisfied and safe in our hands.So what could an escort do for you? As result of all of this, an escort can hugely improve a disabled client's self-confidence. By taking their time to deliver an experience that's tailored to a client's specific needs, they'll ensure that everyone, no matter their disability, has a great time. So if you, or someone close to you, would be interested in the company an escort could provide – give us a call. We'll do all we can to make sure you have an incredible experience.